Victor & Florida’s Intimate Wedding

If you are feeling overwhelmed by planning a big wedding then you will want to keep reading. 

Simple. Private. Affordable. These are probably some words you are feeling most drawn to right now. And for good reason. If you are settling for a courthouse wedding because you think it’s the only way. WRONG!

In fact, we were able to plan with Victor and Florida for their big day in less than a month! Three weeks to be exact. Our space was specifically designed to host intimate unions and we are so glad that we could celebrate with these two and their sweet families. 

Come sit down with us and let’s make your dream wedding happen; whether it’s big or small, it will be perfect! 

Until then, enjoy some highlights from Mr & Mrs Wang’s special day and get excited when you see their ceremony backdrop as it will be offered as an add-on with some other unique backdrops this year!

Design Partner : Satin Pavement

Photographer : SJR & Co Photography

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