Renting the space

STudio Policies


-  Masks are required when entering the building, but can be taken off once inside.
- Glitter, confetti and feathers are not permitted.
- No hanging or tapping things to the wall without prior consent.
- No smoking allowed.
- No pets allowed without prior consent. 
- Cake smash sessions are not allowed due to the clean up involved.
- The rental time starts and ends promptly at the requested hours of rental; set-up and clean-up time must take place during those paid rental hours.

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Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy:

Canceling/rescheduling is allowed up to 24 hours before your scheduled shoot. No monetary refunds will be given. Instead, we will send you a coupon code to use for the same amount of time you originally booked. Half day (4hrs) and Full Day (8hrs) cancellations/reschedules will only get a coupon for half of the original scheduled time period.

Do you need a space to create your story in? While there are a vast number of studios in the DFW, the purpose of this space is much bigger. We created the option to rent our space to not only photographers but to those individuals needing to create in. A space that for an hour, two or three; its yours. 

Whether you are a small business needing a space to focus + plan, or a photographer looking for "something different".

The Space on West Main is the perfect option.

Damage and Cleaning:

Renter agrees to pay for any repair costs for damage to or loss of equipment or studio caused by Renter or anyone in Renter's party within 4 business days from the end of the rental period. Renter agrees to pay for damage to the Premises including spills, excessive wear, marks or stains on furniture, fixtures or painted surfaces. Renter agrees to leave the studio in the condition it was found, or a $100 cleaning fee will be assessed. If damage in excessive of $100 then renter agrees to pay for all damages from studio invoices.

Waiver of Liability:

Use of The Space on West Main and equipment is at renter’s risk. Renter hereby agrees that, The Space on West Main will not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage, injury or loss to Renter, his party or possessions while on the Premises.

101 W Main st suite #110, allen, texas 75013


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